Dress to Impress With Men’s Manicures

Men’s manicures are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds, sending guys flocking to their nearest salon for a mid-day pick me up. And for a good reason! Not only does a men’s manicure give a finished look, it also provides a little pampering and grooming in a low-key, lounge-like atmosphere. 

The first impression you give should be your best impression.  While a firm handshake is important, well-groomed hands and finished nails show that you are not only detail-oriented but take pride in yourself. It’s a subtle detail but it can really change somebody’s perspective of you. 

Our recommendation? Find time to pamper yourself. Even when on a tight schedule, finding the time to squeeze in a quick manicure, will provide you with an opportunity to relax and unwind. The warm paraffin and massage will soothe overworked hands, relax muscles, and provide relief for rough, dry skin and carpal tunnel.

Our unique system of taking appointments makes it extremely easy and convenient to schedule a manicure at the last minute. With same-day and next day appointments, now is the perfect time to treat yourself! Call Leon Studio One Salon for Men today at 716-970-0701.